Choosing the right carriers for your risk characteristics.

Because an employer’s insurance premiums are directly tied to claims experience, it is the role of the insurance agent to understand the unique aspects and needs of a particular insured. Through this individual analysis of an employer’s risk characteristics, Rose & Kiernan strives to tailor a program that is best suited for that organization.

Here at Rose & Kiernan, Inc., the design of your casualty insurance program begins with an in-depth review of your activities and operations, including the following:

  • Your risk assumption philosophy
  • Scope and type of coverage suitable for your risk
  • Optimal retention and limits, based on cost/benefit analysis and your financial objectives
  • Loss funding approaches and alternatives
  • Hazard control techniques compatible with risk and loss funding approaches

The cost of insurance continues to be an important concern for employers and remains an essential element in how business owners and managers measure the effectiveness of their pre-loss and post-loss risk management programs.

As an agency, we feel the most essential contribution we can make in an effort to reduce a business’s insurance costs is an effective presentation of our client’s needs and exposures to the insurance marketplace, a thorough analysis and comparison of all proposals received and offering professional counsel to the client on choosing the most appropriate carrier for their program.

Rose & Kiernan, Inc. stands prepared and committed with a professional sales, marketing and client management staff to help develop a placement strategy for your business. Some preliminary points to consider when developing this strategy are:

  • An early start
  • A full understanding of your operations
  • A complete submission to the insurance carriers, since full underwriting information typically results in better market acceptance and results
  • Careful selection of potential markets in both primary and excess layers to assure best utilization of available capacity and optimum rates
  • Individualized strategy for negotiating with markets to provide most favorable reception from each market
  • Careful analysis of the financial condition of each carrier of alternative funding sources being proposed

One assurance we can make as an agency is that our clients will receive state-of-the-art risk management solutions designed to protect their assets, mitigate their insurance costs and help them be more successful.