Alternative programs to manage risk and contain cost.

Terrorism. School Violence. Pandemic. Funding.

The challenges and pressures public entities face today are a world apart from what they were a generation ago. Keeping pace with those changes and managing the real-world risks that are associated with them, takes the skill and dedication of a team of trusted advisors with the experience and knowledge to surmount the tallest obstacles.

At Rose & Kiernan we’ve been providing customized, cost-effective solutions to public entity risks for 140 years. We specialize in innovative, uniquely customized insurance and alternative risk financing solutions designed to effectively manage our client’s risk and contain cost.

As one of the leading regional providers of risk management and insurance services to public entities Rose & Kiernan has extensive access to all major national, regional, and specialty insurance markets. Our team of public entity insurance professionals works with our providers and aggressively negotiates and delivers specialized solutions crafted to meet the specific needs of each and every public entity customer we work with.

No two public entities are the same. Off the shelf products typically offered through most agents and brokers fail to meet the complex requirements public entity risks need to be properly covered. They’re often sold at a discount, by agents with limited public entity experience – those that often fail to recognize that meeting the challenges facing public entity customers is more than just delivering a low bid. It’s about ensuring the constituents are properly protected while delivering the most cost effective solution from financially stable insurers and reciprocals.

Your constituents count on you; you can count on us.

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