Minimizing exposure, managing risk, preparing for contingencies.

Each day brings new risks to your projects, your employees, and your business. Our job is to help you identify, assess and understand those vulnerabilities, minimize your exposure, and prepare your enterprise for each contingency.

Yet, the things that threaten your business and disrupt progress are not always the ones you see coming.

That’s why Rose & Kiernan’s Construction Practice Group takes a broad view of managing your risk.

We help you conquer the predictable and anticipate the unexpected.

We’ll focus on your risk through a sharper lens; helping you mitigate, manage, transfer and finance risks specific to your organization and industry. We’ll tackle the current and emerging issues that threaten job completion and project profitability.

Contractors and owners rely on our market knowledge, our relationships, and our people to navigate the complex challenges and issue that each unique project brings; ensuring our client’s interests are protected, bringing cost effective solutions to each – effectively, responsibly, and through compensation arrangements that are completely transparent.

We bring the experts, the resources, the experience, and broad market access to your business. At R&K we know that managing risk is more than a policy.

  • Analysis of Exposures and Risk
  • Specialized Coverage Uniquely Tailored
  • In Depth Coverage Reviews and Rate and Policy Limit Benchmarking
  • Aggressive Marketing and Insurer Engagement
  • Comprehensive Program Consultation and Design
  • Loss-sensitive Rating Models and Loss Projections
  • Claim Reviews and Status Reports
  • Loss Reserve Analysis
  • Return-to-Work Program Development
  • Preferred Health Provider Network Referrals
  • Experience Modification Analysis
  • Claim Dispute Resolution
  • Site Safety and Risk Assessment
  • OSHA Safety Training
  • Ergonomics Consulting
  • Tool Box Talks
  • Construction Contract Risk Transfer Consulting
  • OSHA Compliance Assistance
  • Detailed Policy Form Comparisons
  • Maximized Surety Capacity
  • Risk Transfer & Financing Programs
  • Cost-of-Risk Analysis and Allocation
  • Alternative Risk Solutions
  • Subcontractor Insurance Consulting and Review
  • Project Spec Reviews