Environmental risk management in a changing world.

Yesterday’s technology, products and practices are today’s environmental risks. Today they’re more than big headlines and breaking evening news. Environmental risks affect the livelihood and health of individuals and businesses alike.

In an era where being green is becoming the standard, assessing and managing environmental risk not only affects the financial outcome of business and the health and safety of our communities, it also influences reputation, and how companies are positioned to effectively compete in a dynamically global economy.

Rose & Kiernan’s skilled professionals can help you understand your environmental exposures and assist you in building a strategy for dealing with the challenges associated with environmental risk management; understanding the changing landscape of regulation, financing, construction practices, real estate, bonding and insurance.

R&K’s expertise and network of professional environmental consulting resources help business owners turn environmental problems into opportunities. Whether it’s a planned site divestiture, an investment in Brownfield redevelopment, coping with cost containment in a planned remediation, or effectively controlling the financial risks associated with manufacturing and distributing products in an increasingly litigious and heavily regulated business environment, we can help.

We provide custom environmental solutions and insurance and surety consulting in the areas of:

  • Pollution Legal Liability
  • Environmental Surety
  • Pollution Remediation Cost Cap
  • Storage Tank Liability
  • Industry Specific Solutions – Consultants, Contractors, Healthcare, Financial Institutions, Real Estate, Zoos

For more information or assistance in dealing with your environmental risk, please contact us at: environmentalrisksolutions@rkinsurance.com