Expertise finding cost-effective coverage with stable insurers.

With the backdrop of a global economic downturn, it is understandable why the current real estate market is in such a state of flux. Couple this with the inevitable increase in the number of vacant and under-utilized properties, a commensurate reduction in the value of real estate portfolios, and the anticipated reduction in investment income figures insurance carriers have come to rely upon, and one can see why the real estate industry is under pressure in a perplexing state of affairs.

The real estate market is a segment in which Rose & Kiernan has deep penetration. We have proven expertise and a reputation as dealmakers. To assist this segment in these difficult times we have a proven and experienced staff dedicated to finding our clients the very best insurance coverage with financially stable insurers, at the best prices the market has to offer.

In addition to custom-tailored insurance coverage Rose & Kiernan can provide additional services to help real estate firms manage their risks: