Consortium Management Team offers robust negotiation.

Over the past 25 years, Rose & Kiernan has clearly proven our abilities in bringing valued expertise to Public Schools and Colleges in the area of efficiently financing employee benefits, with specific emphasis on the health benefit. During this period of time, health insurance consortiums (HICs) have proven to be an effective method for tempering the escalating cost of health and prescription drug costs.

When similarly sized groups and like industry classes are bound together, they build a strong foundation for the purchasing of uniquely designed coverage options, funding arrangements, and robust negotiation strategies. Expenses are contained through the pooling of each Participant’s claims risk, retention charges, consolidated billing and reconciliation practices, plan management, and State and Federal compliance initiatives.

Based upon our long historical record with these Consortiums, Rose & Kiernan has worked to achieve an average savings of $5,000,000 per year for these groups. Our proven Consortium Management Team includes decades of experience in the area of collective bargaining, health insurance carrier operations, aggressive carrier renewal negotiations and risk analysis.