Innovative answers for an industry changing at a light speed.

Technology and telecommunication firms face new challenges every day.

Financial pressures and competition are unrelenting. Attracting and retaining the best employees is always a challenge. Sourcing is problematic; regulation never ending. Layer on this uncontrolled risk and many firms understandably find their focus distracted.

Rose & Kiernan is a leader in providing innovative and highly cost effective insurance and risk management solutions to diverse groups of technology businesses and telecommunication firms.

We help our clients identify, understand, and quantify the risks facing their firms and bring new products, markets, and approaches to dealing with the constant change that permeates today’s high tech business environment.

R&K clients include leading businesses in the areas of life sciences, biotechnology, medical device manufacture, pharmaceuticals, and contract research. We specialize in bringing these new and established companies directors & officer’s liability, product liability, intellectual property, cyber and clinical trials liability.

For our internet and technology customers we help them insure the risks that were only beginning to emerge at the dawn of the new millennium.

Standard general liability and property policies designed for the twentieth century are ill-equipped to meet the protection requirements these customers require. That’s why Rose & Kiernan works with the leading cyber insurers to meet the needs of these unique businesses.

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