Property Insurance for every lifestyle.


It's chilling to think about how many factors potentially threaten your home. Our goal at Rose & Kiernan is to protect one of your largest investments with the utmost attention to detail. This includes tailoring coverage for not just your home itself, but all personal effects, detached structures, loss of use in case your home ever becomes unfit to live in, and personal liability to protect you should someone become injured while on your property.


While your landlord may have insurance that protects the physical building within which you reside, many people do not realize that this will not cover your personal property in the event of damage or loss. We help you determine the amount of coverage you need, what type of coverage makes sense for you, and determine any discounts you may qualify for.


While your needs may be different than those of another homeowner, the importance of proper coverage is not. At Rose & Kiernan, we recognize this and work to ensure that condo owners are completely covered. It is important to understand that even if your condo association has set up a master insurance policy to protect the entire structure including all condominiums within it, an individual condo policy is still necessary to provide you with personal property and personal liability coverage. We help clients throughout the US; including those with hard to place coastal condos.


Similar to the case of condo owners, an insurance policy arranged by a cooperative apartment corporation will only cover losses to the co-op building, commonly owned property, and liability for the corporation. It does not insure losses to the interior of your unit, your personal property, or liability if someone is injured while inside your unit. Be sure to cover all your exposures by investing in your own protection.

Seasonal Home

As with your primary residence, a seasonal home is another of your greatest investments. Whether fire, lightning, or burglary, there are just as many potential threats that face secondary residences. Coverage options range from standard homeowner’s insurance to more modest packages that help you rebuild or repair your special destination should the need arise.


Landlord insurance protects your rental properties, allowing you to rent with confidence and peace of mind. But not all policies are the same. In order to properly protect your investments, we help you sift through the many options available so that your policy is specific to your circumstances.


Our intent is to help farmers understand the property insurance coverage and options that make sense for them, including liability and crop insurance. Crop insurance is a vital tool in managing the financial risk associated with farming. With an adequate amount of protection in place, it helps farmers survive disaster and return to profitability.


All too often, people do not realize that flood insurance is not included under their homeowner’s policies. That is, until after a loss. And here’s this fact: flooding is the United States’ most common natural disaster! So whether you live in a flood zone or not, securing this coverage may be more important than you think. It affects people who live nowhere near water and the associated costs mount up fast.