Your Practical Guide for Surviving a DOL Welfare Benefit Plan Audit

Following an Update on the ACA and Final Regulations for NY Paid Family Leave

Join us for a webinar on Aug 04, 2017 at 9:00 AM EDT.

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The final regulations for the NY Paid Family Leave program were adopted on July 10 and published last week in the State Register. While not much was changed in this final ruling, the Workers Compensation Board did provide clarification on items such as: the coverage of out-of-state employees, what time is counted towards eligibility and benefit calculations. These changes will be highlighted at the start of our presentation, and will serve as a primer to our complete Paid Family Leave webinar scheduled for September 15.

Our featured topic will provide guidance on how an employer can prepare for a U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) welfare benefit plan audit. These types of audits have been on the rise over the last couple of years, finding even the most cautious of employers as targets. Most private sector employee benefit plans are subject to ERISA – regardless of a plan’s size, number of employees or the fact that plans are self-funded or fully-insured. Therefore, it is imperative that organizations be in compliance with ERISA laws to effectively administer benefit plans for their employees, and remain prepared to successfully navigate a DOL Welfare Benefit Plan Audit. We will provide valuable insight as to the notification process, what documents will be requested and a review of required disclosure items to help employers eliminate unnecessary, time-consuming, and expensive penalties.

Our Presenters:

Vice President, Employee Benefits Management
Dan’s principal role within the R&K Employee Benefit Management Group is working with employers on the effective design, underwriting and pricing of their benefits plans and insuring their compliance with State and Federal regulation and legislation. Dan has over 40 years of experience working and teaching in the employee benefits field.

Shauna is a certified Human Resources professional working within the Employee Benefit Management Group of R&K who supports our clients in areas of compliance, to include those governed by ERISA, the Affordable Care Act, State Regulations and Federal Regulations. Additionally, Shauna works with our employers providing guidance on RK Healthy Workforce and all forms of Wellness initiatives.

This seminar is intended for the CEO’s, CFO’s HR Professionals and their staff. By attending this seminar you will gain a further understanding of the proper steps to take to keep your organization in compliance and thereby remain prepared for a DOL Welfare Benefit Plan Audit.

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