RKRx pharmacy plan saves million for clients.

Pharmacy Consulting (RKRx)

Pharmacy costs, like medical costs, continue to increase and prescription drug plans are becoming more complex. Our Agency was the first in the region to offer pharmacy “Carveout” consulting services. Our exclusive RKRx Program has grown to over 30,000 participants and returns millions of dollars a year to our clients in the form of drug rebates. We provide expertise in the areas of drug cost reduction strategies, benefit design strategies, Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) selection and prescription use review.

Our RKRx and ZywaveRx program allows us to compare your current PBM to two leading national PBMs and gives you access to exclusive, extremely favorable terms for your pharmacy benefits. The highlights of this program include zero dollar administrative fees, low dispensing fees, deep pharmacy discounts, and aggressive rebates.

Rose & Kiernan’s Prescription Drug Purchasing Alliance (RKRx) is available to our clients with improved terms negotiated with Express Scripts, providing deeper discounts, lower dispensing fee and greater rebates for our clients.