Workers’ Compensation and COVID-19: NYS Workers’ Compensation Board Releases Helpful Q&A

Health care workers and first responders have been on the front lines of this global public health emergency, along with essential employees including cleaners, retail workers, transportation workers and others.  It is possible that employees could develop COVID-19 during their course of employment.

The New York State Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) has published a COVID-19 and Workers’ Compensation Q&A document to answer questions about workers’ compensation benefits to employees who contract COVID-19 while on the job. You can access the Q&A on their website.

The information provided in this Q&A is very important for the business community. Overall, the team at Rose & Kiernan, Inc. finds it well laid out and informative. Among the key questions answered on workers’ compensation and COVID-19 in the document are:

  • Can I receive workers’ compensation benefits if I get COVID-19 while working?
  • What happens if I file a claim?
  • What benefits are available?
  • Which work environments are more likely to result in COVID-19 claims?
  • What information is needed to show that a COVID-19 claim is work-related?
  • How do I file a claim?
  • How long does the process take?
  • Is help available?

For answers to these questions in detail, refer to the handout from the NYS WCB. To help limit workplace exposure to COVID-19 please continue to review and follow guidance from the CDC and NYS for the safe reopening and continuation of business operations.

Below are links to more resources that employers may find helpful:

If you have any further questions on COVID-19 and workers’ compensation, please contact the team at Rose & Kiernan, Inc. here or by calling 800-242-2433.

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