Workplace Wellness Insights: Take Steps to a Healthier You

Each month, we send out our RK Healthy Workforce wellness newsletter. In it, we provide health and wellness tips for your work and life. Did you know that according to the U.S. Surgeon General, most Americans should log 10,000 steps per day to reduce the risk of disease and help lead a healthy, productive life. Consider using a pedometer—a device used to track how many steps you take. One of the easiest ways to increase your steps per day is to use the stairs whenever possible. 

The numbers that count:

  • 10 is the number of calories you burn per minute when taking the stairs, and you burn 10 times more calories than if you take the elevator.
  • 10 minutes is all you need to benefit from a workout if you are just starting. Every little effort helps. When just beginning, consistency is more important than intensity.
  • 60 days is how long it takes to form a habit. Move your body for 60 days in a row, and you’re on your way to a permanent lifestyle change!
  • 8 flights of stairs a day could reduce your death rate by 32 percent!
  • 2 minutes of stair-climbing a day can help you lose 2 pounds per year.

Follow these recommendations to help reach your daily 10,000-step goal:

  • When you need to use the restroom at work, walk the stairs to another floor to do so.
  • While at work or other public buildings, consider taking the stairs instead of using the escalator or the elevator.
  • If you’re physically able, always take the stairs when traveling three floors or less. If you are traveling several floors, consider getting off the elevator one or two floors early and taking the stairs the rest of the way.
  • Huffing and puffing up the stairs will build your cardiovascular health, while also toning your leg muscles. You can also help the environment by taking the stairs versus using the elevator or escalator. Teach this eco-friendly lesson to your kids, too!

Don’t try to get all of your 10,000 steps in one activity. Not only is this a daunting task, but it is not as effective. By breaking up your step goal into smaller chunks, you will be more motivated to meet your goal and you will be burning calories throughout the day.

Our monthly wellness newsletter also provides healthy recipes, seasonal tips and other valuable resources. In August 2020, other topics include:

  • Summer Sun Safety Tips
  • Probiotics and You 
  • Mango Berry Rotini Salad Recipe

If you would like to receive this newsletter in your email each month, contact your R&K client manager. Also, check back with us next month for more workplace wellness insights.

Rose & Kiernan, Inc. offers workplace wellness support through our signature platform RKHealthy Workforce. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us here or by calling (800) 242-4433.

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