May is Employee Health and Fitness Month

If your company is thinking about getting into workplace wellness, now is the time! May is Employee Health and Fitness Month, a month-long initiative launched by the National Association for Health & Fitness (NAHF) in 1979 to promote the powerful benefits of workplace health and wellness. Recently, the Employee Benefits Management Group (EBMG) at Rose & Kiernan, Inc. put together a blog series on low-cost workplace wellness strategies. We hope that there are a few good resources here to either get you started or to help strengthen your workplace wellness programs.

General Health Education Programs

When given access to workplace wellness programs, employees say that such initiatives have a positive impact on their overall health. Although workplace wellness programs often include expense, there are ways employers can make positive changes for little or no cost. Read more.

Tobacco Cessation Programs

Employers are motivating employees to take steps toward living a healthier lifestyle. In doing so, they are figuring out low-cost ways to incentivize their workforce, including tobacco cessation programs. Read more.

Nutrition Programs

Adding healthy living features to your benefits offerings can lower health risk factors and slow down benefit cost increases. There are many ways for employers to encourage healthy eating and help employees practice better portion control. Read more.

Physical Activity and Weight Management Programs

There is a trend of employers offering company-organized fitness challenges and competitions (including incentives for purchasing and using healthcare apps and wearable fitness trackers). Such initiatives can ignite a “fitness is fun” culture in the workplace and motivate employees to get more engaged with their health. Read more.

Stress Management Programs

Sure, eliminating stress in the workplace completely isn’t possible, but stress management in the workplace is very valuable for a number of reasons. But employers are offering incentives including stress management programs to help create stress-free work environments. Read more.

Each month, we send out our RK Healthy Workforce wellness newsletter. In it, we provide health and wellness tips for your work and life. If you would like to receive this newsletter in your email each month, contact your R&K client manager. Also, check back with us monthly for more workplace wellness insights.

Rose & Kiernan, Inc. offers workplace wellness support through our signature platform RKHealthy Workforce. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us here or by calling (800) 242-4433.

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