Workplace Wellness Insights: Public Health Experts Warn of a Twindemic This Winter

Each month, we send out our RK Healthy Workforce wellness newsletter. In it, we provide health and wellness tips for your work and life. This month, we’re focusing on the possibility of a “twindemic” this winter.

The coronavirus isn’t the only public health concern as we approach the winter months. Colder temperatures drive people indoors, which health experts warn leads to cases of influenza spreading more easily than during warmer summer months. This combination has public health experts fearing a potential “twindemic” in surges of COVID-19 cases and another deadly flu season.

With both COVID-19 and the flu in the fall, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Robert Redfield stated that either one of those by themselves could stress certain hospital systems. According to Redfield, “By getting that flu vaccine, you may be able to then negate the necessity to have to take up a hospital bed.”

CDC Urges Public to Get Flu Shot

According to the CDC, flu season begins in October and peaks between December and February, typically leading to 140,000 to 180,000 hospitalizations per year. The past few flu seasons have led to historic hospitalizations and death rates, and last year’s flu season involved two different strains of influenza spreading throughout the country.

Redfield stated that public adaption of flu shots may help ease the impact of a surge of cases in the fall. The CDC typically purchases doses of the flu shot for uninsured adults, and typically orders around 500,000. According to Redfield, the CDC has ordered an extra 10 million doses this year. Though less than 50% of Americans got a flu shot last year, Redfield is hoping for 65% to comply this flu season. The CDC normally recommends 60% to 70% of the public get a flu shot.

Redfield noted that, if there is one thing we all can do to prepare for the fall—besides wearing a mask, social distancing, hand-washing and being smart about gatherings—it would be to get the flu vaccine.

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