Insurance Brokerage & Market Access

R&K cultivates and develops carefully engineered and finely honed insuring options that maximize market capacity, coverage availability, and insurance carrier participation – affording you the broadest level of insurer competition for your organization.

We provide the perfect balance of resources and responsiveness, combining the human capital, technology and financial means typically found at large brokerages with an ability to quickly and nimbly meet our clients’ needs.

  • Develop programs designed to lower both your near and long-term total cost of risk
  • Choose from an array of insurance products from financially stable insurers that can meet near and long term needs
  • Reduce your insurance premiums to the lowest possible levels without sacrificing necessary coverage or insurer services
  • Maximize insurance carrier understanding of, and participation for, your risk
  • Ensure the broadest level of continuing insurer interest in and maximum competition for your business
  • View insuring options in a variety of different program architectures – highlighting different paths to achieve desired outcomes