Risk Management & Loss Control

As a full-service multi-line brokerage, the R&K business model is designed to provide expertise in specific areas of loss control, loss prevention, safety, employee training, and risk benchmarking.

Our process begins with baseline assessment, understanding your needs, and educating senior and supervisory management personnel about affecting cultural changes to improve your risk profile.

Creating enhanced performance transparency around Key Performance Indicators contributes to better, more outcome-focused initiatives – and, enhanced governance through evidence-based cost evaluations and control mechanisms.

R&K focuses on exceeding client expectations in each of the following areas:

  • Forecasting and Modeling
  • Internal Exposure & Risk Analysis
  • External Exposure & Risk Analysis – Including Regulatory Changes
  • Risk Management & Loss Control
  • Stewardship & Reporting
  • Workplace/Worksite evaluation
  • Hazard surveys
  • Fleet Safety Evaluation
  • Supervisory & employee loss control and loss prevention training
  • OSHA Training
  • Post-loss accident analysis & review
  • Scheduled Insurer & R&K Service Calls
  • Quarterly Workers’ Compensation Loss Control & Claim Review meetings
  • Attendance & participation in regularly scheduled risk management reviews
  • Comprehensive reviews, and cost-benefit analysis of, various risk management and loss control options
  • Assistance in the development or revision of safety procedures, protocols and written safety manuals & materials
  • Assistance in responding to insurer loss control recommendations
  • Hosted safety and loss prevention workshops and seminars
  • Loss reporting, loss modeling & analysis

Rose & Kiernan also utilizes ModMaster®, a recognized, industry-leading workers’ compensation software tool, which provides, in addition to pro-forma Experience Modification Factor projections, a variety of detailed reports that help explain the impact of specific claims on client Experience Modification Factors.

Regardless of whether your risk financing structure is fixed-cost, self-funded, or a blended approach, our objective is to deliver consistent value and exceptional outcomes.