Data Analytics

Health insurance benefits typically make up about 7.8% of total compensation. Using data analysis to drive smarter benefit plan decisions can increase efficiency and ultimately lower your costs. But to be successful, you need the right partner.

Through predictive modeling claims analysis R&K can pinpoint high cost and utilization problem areas and develop targeted strategies to address them.

By benchmarking your health plan against national norms (based on information from 21 million lives and $85 billion in claims) we can also help identify cost and utilization disparities in your health and prescription claims data.

R&K also offers advanced tools to help you and your employees choose the best plan during enrollment.

  • Our sophisticated analytics help you dig deeper into your real claims data in order to isolate specific cost drivers. We can then address those issues with targeted solutions—enabling you to better manage your health care costs.
  • Our plan modeler, lets you “test drive” potential changes so you can see first-hand how the changes will affect your bottom line and your employees.
  • Our Disease Profiler can show you the average costs of claims by disease category. We can then work with you to design and implement an effective disease management program. For instance, we can create a communications campaign to educate your employees about the importance of preventive care—helping you save money in the long run.

R&K will help you collect and analyze information, dig deeper to find problem areas, explore solutions through plan design modeling… and implement real solutions that save money.