R&K can assist in all aspects of human capital management improvement. By providing access to the latest technological solutions, we help you automate, optimize, engage & educate.

Increase Efficiency

Take advantage of electronic eligibility files consolidated billing on all benefit products. Plus, with one point of data entry, you get the benefit of improved data integrity.

Keep Employees Happy

With R&K, your employees have access to their benefit information 24/7 from any internet connection. We have tools to assist employees in making benefit decisions and educate employees in how best to utilize their benefits. Our multi-pronged approach to introducing technology to employees helps to remove fear and concern.

R&K’s proprietary products are specifically designed to enhance the employee experience and selection process on technology platforms

  • Gain special underwriting and rate considerations from an improved buying experience
  • Give HR and other decision makers improved access to data that will allow them to make more informed and educated decisions