R&K’s workplace wellness support is offered through our signature platform, RKHealthy Workforce. From educational and team-building initiatives to interactive programs tied to cost-sharing, our partnership solution can help you define long-term business strategies for reducing employee health risks and controlling healthcare costs.

Program Design & Support

Our value-added, consultative approach pairs the exclusive RKHealthy Workforce program with a dedicated Wellness Director to increase awareness while also promoting budget-neutral solutions, including:

  • Organizational Assessments
  • Employee interest surveys
  • Wellness committee creation and guidance
  • Customized and creative challenges, policy development and incentive design
  • Avenues of communication between employers, employees, insurance carriers and community resources

Wellness Resources

As a member of WELCOA, the Wellness Council of America, your Rose & Kiernan Wellness Director can provide access to evidence-based resources supporting your wellness strategy. Take advantage of strategic partnerships with existing providers to utilize existing, often cost-free, offerings. Plus, sign-up for our co-branded monthly Wellness Newsletter, and bring exciting health and wellness topics to your employees.

Population Health Management

A plan design is only as successful as the impact that it has on your organization. And whether you’re looking to increase employee morale, kick-start health awareness, impact your bottom line – or, all of the above – RKHealthy Workforce can help. We work with you to define your “key wellness indicator” and assist in tracking this metric annually as a general indicator for program success, with an ultimate goal of bringing awareness to chronic health conditions and reducing their impact on your population.