High Net Worth

High Net Worth

R&K features a licensed staff of experts who are well versed in creating solutions for unique lifestyles. We can analyze your exposures, listen to what is important to you and individually customize a Personal Insurance Package that will fit your specific needs.


We work with top carriers specializing in protecting high value, customer-built luxury homes. Carriers that will guarantee to pay for your home to be rebuilt or restored to its original condition, even if the costs exceed your policy limit.

Personal Liability

Similar to the structure of your home, a standard liability has a limited amount of liability coverage for lawsuits resulting from bodily injury or property damage caused by you or a family member. Our carriers offer coverage for personal liability that includes libel and slander.

Excess or Umbrella Liability

If you’re handed a lawsuit, your assets need to be properly protected. To assess the amount of Excess Liability/Umbrella Liability you will need, we consider many different factors, including:

  • Equity in your home
  • Personal Property
  • Investments
  • Savings / Checking
  • Future Wages

In addition, we assess the risks related to for profit/not-for-profit boards you may sit on or the employment of a housekeeper, nanny, personal assistant that can create an additional risk that may require special insurance.

Valuable Possessions

Additional coverage may be need for certain items including jewelry, fine art, antiques, furs, and wine collections. Valuable-articles coverage provides protection against loss or damage to your prized possessions. We can design a program based on your needs by individually listing high value, one of a kind items or creating a blanket limit to protect your valuables.